Our Studios

Conveniently located just outside Birmingham, AL, our studio is outfitted with the latest cutting edge and industry standard filmmaking technology and tools. We offer fully furnished Avid / Premiere / Final Cut editing suites, 5.1 Pro Tools sound suite, DaVince Resolve color correction suite, and a visual effects / animation suite complete with a state-of-the-art render farm. We can take your project from raw concept through final deliverables including Digital Cinema and LTO Data Archival. Our operations are structured to ensure a consistent team that is accessible, communicative, and ready to support and facilitate the needs of our clients. Whatever your project needs, we will work with you to customize a package that is right for your production and budget.


Stephen preston - CEO

Stephen is happily married to Theresa with two children. He has seen and worked with many different projects worldwide in several different artistic mediums.  Each time he gains insight in how to craft stories in new and exciting ways. Being a part of the production team of hit film projects like Imagine, Woodlawn and War Room continues to challenge and grow him. Stephen loves to help pioneer new and innovative ways to tell stories and use modern technology to it's fullest.  Making complex things simple is where he really has a lot of fun. Stephen has a background working on concert tours, theatrical productions, in recording studios, and on film sets across the nation. He loves the challenge of team leadership and taking Red Sky Studios to the next level.


Chris 16.jpg

Chris Danielson - President

Chris is a 25-year media executive, award winning Director of the film “Bible Idiots”, a long time veteran of stand up comedy and also a seminary trained teacher and sought after public speaker. Chris and his wife Emilee have lived by the motto from their syndicated radio show “Laugh Louder, Dig Deeper and Live Larger.” Chris has a huge heart for ministry and is energized by simply being around people. When God called Chris to make his first film, God provided the resources.  Where God calls, He provides a way and Bible Idiots was the first of many projects that God has given Chris. Chris believes very strongly that he has been called to join a group of like minded believers for such a time as this to help transition Red Sky Studios and Birmingham, AL into the “Faith Based Hollywood.”


Benjamin B.

Benjamin has an incredible eye for color and details within the camera frame.  From DIT and coloring on set to the final polish on a theatrical feature film like Woodlawn, he has an impressive resume.   Benjamin uses modern tools like DaVinci Resolve to enhance the visual art of story telling.


Ethan L.

Ethan has a true artists eye and can craft images for film like a painter paints a canvas. He has pioneered a process of a worldwide distributed workforce of visual effects artists. He makes sure that the images created are not just photo-realistic but also creative and unique.

Parker A.

In some ways, he does it all. Gifted not only in visual effects, sound and editing, Parker also has a creative mind for story telling. He is always trying to make the sharpest and strongest product possible, honing each story till it's just right.

Emilee D.

Spending decades on-air in radio broadcasting, Emilee brings her creativity to projects as an accomplished writer and public speaker.  She is thrilled to leverage her experience serving as a writer/producer and voice talent.

Lauren B.

Heading our finance team, Lauren provides resources that turn imagination into reality. By contributing knowledge in agreements, licensing, and accounting her strategic planning and review helps keep a project on track and on budget.